I'm Stephen Howe and I'm a web designer, video editor, motion graphics artist and illustrator. I have a particular penchant for brand consistency and material design. I'm a full-time Adobe Suite addict and wordpress geek. I'm also madly in love with 2D and 3D animation. Give me all the keyframes!

I love to travel, experience new cultures, listen to music and learn Spanish. I'm also forever in search of the perfect cup of coffee! If you want to see more examples of video work, I have plenty that can't be displayed publicly due to contracts, so just get in touch and i'll send you links.

...or feel free to drop me a line for nerdy chats about branding and animation!

Case Studies

Here is a selection of recent video, design and web projects.

Click on a project for more information.

Book Your Wellness

Bookyourwellness.com is a based in Spain and needed assistance with their UX and page design. I advised them on the layout of their host sign-up page and provided their development team with the designs to replicate for these pages.

I also animated their logo and created several videos for end-users of the site to walk them through the sign-up process.

This is an ongoing client project and in the future we hope to create an international brand. The website officially launches in June 2018.

Book Your Wellness Website

Software used: After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop.

Chalet Chardons

Chalet Chardons is based in the French Alps and needed a complete 7-day video training course for their winter season chefs. The course was designed as an 'idiot-proof' solution to be given to new chefs with potentially no experience of catering in a hospitality position

The course recipes were devised by the companies head chef and he cooked the meals. I managed filming, editing, photography and the on-screen graphics. the videos are hosted on the companies WordPress site and I designed the interface for the staff login page using Adobe XD.

The final videos totalled over 6.5 hours worth of content. As well as full instructions on the cooking process for 7 days worth of catering it also included videos detailing dietary requirement recipes, food storage and hospitality basics like table layout.

Chalet Chardons Website

Software: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, Lightroom, XD.

Stavros Floats On

Stavros Floats On is a travel and music brand. The brand is still in it's infancy and is very much a passion project. The concept of the brand is to find different musicians around the world and create music videos for them, helping to promote their music whilst also giving me the opportunity to work on videos and hear more great stuff. I've also edited footage for independent music festivals which will be put out through their social media channels in between events.

Stavros Floats On Website

Software: Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator.

Embrace Ability

Embrace Ability are a charity based in Cambodia that helps children with disabilities in disadvantaged communities. They work on a local level to try and change attitudes to disability.

I created this promotional video for their crowdfunding campaign. I also animated their logo for the project. I plan to continue supporting their brand in the future as they grow and develop. I hope to use my skills to support many more projects like this.

Software: After Effects, Illustrator.

Other Design Work

These are some examples of work I created for a client who works with a large training resources company. I've created over 140 videos for this client and these are just some basic examples of the work I created for them.

Software: After Effects, Illustrator.


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